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Fit To Conceive is a branch of Recipe For Fitness, LLC (www.RecipeForFitness.com). Our purpose is to provide the tools and resources clients need to take back control of their fertility through healthy weight, activity, and lifestyle choices. Our integrative services address more than just diet & exercise, going deeper into the "whole life" and achieving transformation. 

Chelle Stafford

"Knowledge in itself is Power" - Sir Francis Bacon.  In 2011, Chelle founded Recipe For Fitness, LLC to be a service and resource to those seeking to lose weight and transform their lives. A direct outgrowth of Chelle's own journey to reach a healthy weight, Recipe For Fitness has helped thousands of individuals become informed, empowered, and successfully achieve their goals.

Long ago, Chelle's path through Infertility involved 6 miscarriages, 3 births, and a hysterectomy by age 26.  In 2014, Infertility tried to claim her daughter's dreams of a family. Chelle set upon a course to once again use knowledge as power, and achieving the credentials and education to do so, opened Fit To Conceive in 2018.  

Fit To Conceive seeks to use knowledge to empower those dealing with Infertility. Through research, proven methods and techniques, it is possible to positively impact fertility - with or without Assisted Reproductive Technologies. 

Fit To Conceive Coaching works in synergy with your medical team and protocols, for your best outcome.


Fitness Nutrition

ISSA Certified Fitness Nutritionist. This certification addresses the nutritional needs of the general public.

Integrative Fertility Coach

Integrative Fertility Institute - Certified Integrative Fertility Coach. EcoFertility Method.

Fertility Counselor

Joyful Living Certified Fertility Counselor

Sports Nutrition

ISSA Certified Sports Nutritionist.  This certification addresses the specific nutritional needs of Elite Athletes.

Personal Trainer

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. This certification address the exercise and activity needs of individuals.

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Chelle Stafford

You Are Not Alone

Chelle Stafford - Certified Fertility Counselor and Coach, Certified Nutritionist

When you're dealing with the devastation of Infertility, it is too easy to feel alone. Allow me to be your ally. I can introduce you to a vast support network, and the tools you need to put you back in control of your fertility. Your dreams of building a family can come true.